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In this 4th blog i want to talk about the oldest excuse in the world, the ”I dont have time ” excuse.

The last 3 years i am probably the worst person to be told that excuse. Working a full time job in a restaurant and running a start up business at the same time is probably the most time consuming thing you can do.

The problem is that people are either just lazy by nature or they are not pursuing what they love. When you love something , you will really find time for it.

When i decided to quit my management job and started working on my business i had no money so i had to get a full time job in order to maintain myself till things kick off. I decided to get a job as a waiter as it was a job i had done before and as one of my best friends owns one of the best restaurants in town, this would be perfect for me. The problem is that i needed money so i had (and still have btw) to work for many many hour a week.

That , according to others, should have limited my time for working on my start up. What did i do to prove all of them wrong:

  1. Wake up early: Now when i say wake up early , i dont mean limit your sleep. I worked mostly afternoon shifts and finished late at night (midnight or later) so i went home after work, got straight into bed, watched a movie or so untill i pass out. That permited me to sleep 6-7 hours , wake up around 8 am. Usually my shift at the restaurant would start either at 13:00 or 15:00. So from 8 am that gave me 5 to 7 hours of time to work on my agency.
  2. I never go out: I know it sounds sad but i prefare to sacrifice a few pointless nights out of partying and drinking , in order to build something great. And by the way, if you really love the journey of building a business, it really doesn’t feel like sacrificing at all. I dont miss going out, i just dont. And not going out saves you money and ofcourse time. The time you should be using to sleep and wake up fresh to work on your business.
  3. Keep an agenda: It is unbelievable to me how this is not done by every single one of you. Keeping an agenda is the most practical , organized and time saving method ever! The time you save, by just opening your agenda (it can be a note book or in your phone) and directly viewing the 5-6 things you need to do, is crazy. You do not waste time by thinking your to do list on the spot, and you do not forget any task. Simple right?
  4. LOVE WHAT YOU DO: Most important point of all and i wil repeat it again: LOVE WHAT YOU DO, WHEN YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO , YOU WILL FIND TIME FOR IT NO MATTER WHAT.

Life is short, dont waste it on pointless things and jobs you hate.


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