The 50 Euro more phenomenon

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It is not a secret that one of the reasons i decided to start my company s the scarcity of staff that exists the last few years in the hospitality industry of Cyprus. After all , when opening a business, you need to identify the market need and decide if the service you want to offer is necessary in order to be sustainable.

Being in my second year of business, i have identified a negative trend that i call ” the 50 euro more phenomenon”.

It is very surprising for me how many people will decide to accept a job exclusively based on the salary and many times (thus the title of my blog), will choose an employer (who is desperate to find employees no matter what) over another for an amount as small as 50 or 100 euros more.

Now , i am not judging anyone for their financial motive , as i am not aware of their lives and how difficult they have it, but in most cases i have noticed that this nickle and dime culture can have very bad repercussions in their employement. What do i mean?

Candidates, tend to focus way to much on the salary and neglect to research some basic factors about their future employer:

  1. Employement history of this employer: Do your homework, find out if anybody you know, or anyone that knows anybody you are acquainted to, how was his experience working their. Was he treated right? How proffesional and correct was the management? How was the working enviroment their? The working conditions? Did the employer kept his word on the contract they signed? What was the staff turnover? Did employees just kept coming and going?
  2. Quality of the establishment: We live in an era where quality of services (especially in the hospitality industry) are measurable and quantifiable. Social media (e.g . Facebook) and internet platforms such as google , and trip advisor give guests the opportunity to rate and comment their experience in an establishment online . This data is available to you at any time. And beileve me when i say that the overall rating of a business by its guests says a lot about a company culture and organization. You do not want to be part of a business where guests complain all the time and management is incapable and unwilling of fixing anything. You wont last too long and you will have enormous problems of geting another job as you will be directly linked to that problematic employer.

The consequenses of not researching your future employer can be devestating. Imagine you decide to move to any country, and you start working in a place where they dont respect you, they dont train and develop and in general ends up to be nothing as they have promissed on your interview. Was those 50 or 100 euros more really worth the hussle? If you dont manage to last even 2 months are you eventually financially better off? Wouldnt it have been wiser to make your research and get a job where you can see yourself staying for longer and actually having a future in it?

I think you know all the answers, you just need to face those facts and do the right thing for you and your macro-wellbeing.


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