Why you should work abroad.

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It is important that when you speak (or in my case blog) about something, you should really do it out of experience and not assumption. That is why I am happy to write about what an amazing ,lifechanging experience it is to work in another country, especially when you are still at your prime.

Back in my 20s I had my share of working abroad (Greece, USA) and looking back, there are a number of benefits coming out of this experience. To name a few, here we go:

a) From the moment that you stop living at your parents place , you live on your own terms: How many times have you heard your angry parent finishing the argument by saying “AS LONG AS YOU LIVE UNDER MY ROOF, YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!” . Well , they are not wrong but now you are 18 (or 19 or 20 and so on) so its time to find a new roof and acquire the right to form a life of your own. And the further you are from your mom and dad, the easier its gonna get to stand on your own two feet.

b) Working and socializing with people that have a very different culture from what you are used to: Moving to another country broadens your horizons. You meet different cultures , you learn things about people in a personal level, things you wouldn’t learn back home or online and in general believe it or not you become smarter. Your EQ (emotional intelligence and social skills) starts getting a little bit higher, if your English is not the best, whether you like it or not, starts improving and step by step you discover things about yourself you would have never discovered under the umbrella of your comfort zone.

c) Hospitality Industry : To compliment the paragraph above, working in the hospitality (hotels or restaurants) abroad, is the best way to meet as many cultures as possible. You are in touch with different humans all the time, Managers, Colleagues and Guests. A hotel is the best environment for a person to open up and become more sociable. I have seen it happening to me and to others. The transformation in a few short months is beyond belief.

I could go on and on about reasons why you should get started with finding a job abroad but I believe that in the end of the day its a decision you need to take and if you are a person that does not compromise with routine, sooner or later you will make it happen.

I hope that with this article and with more to come, I can bring some value to you and help you bring out the best from you.

Pavlos Tsangarides – Founder of Hiscopus Placement Agency LTD/Cyprus


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