Why Hiscopus, Why Cyprus

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″Why Hiscopus, Why Cyprus

 Recruitment did not come to me as a random, romantic, impulsive idea. Being in the hospitality industry in management positions for the last 12 years, helped me realize the needs of the hospitality industry.

Mainly, the lack of time on behalf of the hotels to recruit new personnel and the gigantic increase of tourist arrivals has resulted to a significant increase in human resources needs. Obviously, the local market couldn’t cover those needs. Cyprus has approximately 400 properties, which on average they need about 200 employees each to properly function. This lead as to 80 000 employees per season. And those needs are only for hotels. In that sector we need to add restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes.  If you check trip advisor, Limassol alone has close to 1000 eating establishments, an insane number for the size of the town.  

Hiscopus Placement Agency was founded in order to help both the employer and the employee. After all let’s not forget that (as cliché as it may sound) the employee is the main software of any enterprise. I am not going to try to convince you that you should come and work in Cyprus because of the sun and the amazing beaches. I am not a sleazy sales man and I also despise the term headhunter. I do not hunt for employees, I recruit and I place where I think the match is correct. What I can promise is that coming to Cyprus to work, you will meet a new culture , a culture very open and friendly to foreigners, you will learn a lot about the hospitality industry as the Cyprus economy is heavily depended in that sector and if you are smart enough you will NETWORK like there is no tomorrow.   

Finally, as a company and entity I promise you that my phone will be on a 24/7/365 mode as I am here to serve you and I am fully aware that without you, the candidates, I might as well not exist.

 Pavlos Tsangarides




Contact Us:

Telephone Number: 99266443

E-mail: pavlos.t@hiscopus.com

Ayias Paraskevis 44, Kinnis River Court, Shop 4, 4044, Germasogeia-Limassol


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